October 14, 2021

Mayor Yvonne Spicer Endorsed by Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley

FRAMINGHAM, MA — Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley today endorsed Mayor Yvonne Spicer in her campaign for re-election.  In her announcement Pressley highlighted the Mayor’s track record and her shared commitment to inclusive policy making.

“In 2017, Yvonne Spicer made history – and smashed a concrete ceiling – as the first popularly elected Black woman mayor in Massachusetts’ history,” said Congresswoman Pressley. “Since then, she has delivered for the residents of Framingham, creating more equitable economic opportunity, expanding access to green space, increasing funding for education, and more. During this campaign – in the midst of this unprecedented moment for our communities and our country – she has laid out a clear, inclusive vision for the future of Framingham, and the City will continue to benefit from her leadership. I’m proud to endorse Mayor Spicer for re-election.” 

“I am deeply honored to be endorsed by Congresswoman Pressley,” said Mayor Spicer. “I have been deliberate about building an inclusive city government that reflects Framingham’s diversity. Her support recognizes the progress of the past four years toward a progressive, inclusive future and encourages me to keep pushing for the policy goals we hold in common.”

Mayor Spicer is on the ballot for reelection as Mayor of Framingham on Tuesday, November 2 2021.