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As a Charter Commissioner, I supported the change to a city form of government and so far, I’ve been pleased by all the new activity, from league of Women Voters to neighborhood forums where issues are explored. New ideas are coming, and it is it is great to see the variety of people running for Mayor and Council! The choice of Mayor is the most important one we will make, and I believe Yvonne Spicer is clearly the best choice for Framingham for the following reasons:

  1. She has the most executive experience of any candidate: At the Museum of Science, Yvonne oversaw budgets in the tens of millions and coordinated programs and personnel across the country. The skills she developed prepare her well for managing Framingham’s budget and personnel from day one of her administration.
  2. She will carefully balance neighborhood interests with development: Yvonne knows we are at a critical point with some of our shopping centers. In her platform, she wrote, “It is essential to be selective in partnering only with developers who share our vision for healthy vibrant communities that encourage home ownership and pride in maintaining the properties.” This is spot on and indicates Yvonne will be a fierce negotiator who pushes developers to listen to community needs while making progress towards revitalizing areas in need of change.
  3. She is passionate about education: As someone who has spent most of her life in education and the last decade in the STEM field, Yvonne understands that education must go beyond the basics to include arts, technology, and physical/emotional wellbeing. She has pledged to be a strong partner with our new Superintendent and to work towards critical district goals like the new building project at Fuller in the most cost effective ways possible.
  4. She is a unifier: Framingham just emerged from a Charter vote that strongly divided the community. As I’ve watched her interact with supporters as well as with people with whom she disagrees, I’ve seen that Yvonne has the ability to help heal those divisions with her positive energy and willingness to listen respectfully.
  5. She will set important examples for future Mayors to follow: We have given our Mayor a good deal of power, and it is critical that the first Mayor uses it well. I’m impressed with Yvonne’s early actions: she posted a list of detailed ideas online at, she committed in writing to banning Councilors from also serving on the Planning and Zoning Boards so that power can be spread more widely across the community, and she put her campaign finances online earlier than the deadline to give the public to additional time to examine it before voting. It is great to see to see this combination of openness and detailoriented work, and it speaks to the many positives that her administration will bring.

Please join me and vote for Yvonne Spicer in the September 26 primary!

Adam Blumer
Former Charter Commissioner and School Committee Member