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September 1, 2017

Candidate for Framingham Mayor Publishes Campaign Platform
Dr. Yvonne Spicer Releases: My Vision for the Next Four Years and Beyond

 Yvonne Spicer, candidate for Framingham Mayor is the first in to publish a complete campaign platform. The 35-page document released today titled “My Vision for the Next Four Years and Beyond” includes 5 priority topics:

  • Smooth Transition to a City Form of Government
  • Excellence in Education and Schools
  • Invigorating Our Economy: Planned Growth, Balanced Development
  • Preservation of Assets, Resources and Quality of Life
  • Investing in Our People

In an historic election this past April, voters in the 317-year-old Town of Framingham were divided – passing a city charter with a narrow margin. Spicer said “The people want a leader who will unite our community and care for all of our people – a leader with character and integrity, that’s the Mayor I will be. I’m not a career politician. I’m running as The People’s Mayor.”

Spicer shared that she has “travelled around Framingham talking with people, hearing about their needs and concerns and incorporating them into my plans. Our city government will be efficient and imaginative. It will be accessible to all, inclusive, and run for the people, not for moneyed interests.” Within the document she expands on ideas and plans – including these:

  • Keeping Framingham Affordable
  • Committing to Quality Education and Fiscally Sound Schools
  • Unjamming our roads
  • Introducing a Mayor’s Hotline and Improving Customer Service
  • Forming a Framingham Planning and Development Agency
  • Creation of a “Greener City Committee”
  • Renewed Focus on Arts, Community, Open Spaces and Quality of Life
  • A commitment to inclusion and diversity
  • Doing More for Seniors and Veterans
  • Partnering with Businesses and Educational Institutions

Spicer said, “I look forward to continued discussion with the community. I invite everyone to read the full platform document on my website ( I’ll also be sharing more as I participate in the upcoming Mayoral candidate forums and debates. I want to thank everyone for their input thus far. Let’s keep talking.”

Dr. Yvonne Spicer began her career as a teacher in Framingham, later became a department head, and then Director of Career and Technical Education in the Newton Public Schools. She is currently the Vice President of Advocacy and Educational Partnerships for the Museum of Science, Boston. She was appointed by Governors Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker to serve on the Massachusetts STEM Council and she served as a content expert to the National Governors Association (NGA) based in Washington, DC. Former MA State Treasurer Steve Grossman and State Treasurer Deb Goldberg both appointed her to serve on the Board of the Massachusetts Economic Empowerment Trust. She is a precinct 6 Framingham Town Meeting Member, precinct Vice-Chair, and a member of the Ways and Means Committee.

The First Mayor, 11 City Councilors and 9 School Committee Members will be elected November 7 preceded by a preliminary election September 26 to narrow the field of candidates to two people per seat.