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The following announcement was submitted to Framingham Source by Cynthia Villanueva, Political Action Liaison MTA-FTA, Political Education Chair FTA, FTA Candidate Recommendation Committee Chair.

FRAMINGHAM – The Candidate Recommendation Committee, comprised of representatives of the Framingham Teachers Association, met with the mayoral and Council At-Large candidates last week to discuss their visions for the City and the schools.

All candidates were forthright with their comments, generous with their time and committed to collaboratively working with the school department to improve our school system.

We are fortunate that we have six talented, passionate individuals who are invested in leading Framingham through this transition.

Following extensive deliberations, the Candidate Recommendation Committee is endorsing Yvonne Spicer for Mayor of the City of Framingham. School expenditures total nearly 70% of Framingham’s budget and Ms. Spicer’s strong administrative experience, combined with her deep understanding of education on the state and local levels, well positions her to move our City’s schools into the future.

Her vision for what the new City of Framingham can become is both aspirational and attainable.

Framingham Source
October 28, 2017
Original: Framingham Teachers Association Endorses Spicer For Mayor;