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Yvonne Spicer was being called “The People’s Mayor” of Framingham at her campaign’s kick-off event.

FRAMINGHAM, MA — Yvonne Spicer officially launched her campaign to become Framingham’s inaugural Mayor at Ken’s Steakhouse on Wednesday, July 12 th . She was introduced by Margareth Shepherd, Dr. Irwin Blumer and Dr. Ioannis Miaoulis.

Ms. Shepherd serves with Spicer on Town Meeting and on the Ways and Means Committee. Dr. Irwin Blumer has known Yvonne for over 20 years. He was the first administrative leader she trained under. Dr. Ioannis Miaoulis is the President and Director of the Boston Museum of Science and the Founder of the National Center for Technological Literacy. Yvonne has known him for 17 years and has worked for him at the museum for 12 years.

Dr. Irwin Blumer spoke about Yvonne’s ability to build trust and earn respect and how he has seen her do that in all her professional roles. He said “The only person running for Mayor of Framingham who has the experience to be the Mayor is Yvonne Spicer. She would be an independent voice, an independent voice for all of the people of Framingham. She will be The People’s Mayor of Framingham. I am excited and look forward to her taking that job.”

Dr. Ioannis Miaoulis said “Yvonne has the attributes and skills that a Mayor should have – integrity and honest, a team player, someone who knows how to pull people together and get things done. She makes sure people from diverse opinions and backgrounds are included and she’s transparent.” He said that “she thinks big, is always committed to the cause, she knows how to run things and manage people and she produces results.”

Yvonne Spicer pointed out, “From day one, I’m ready to hit the ground running. I have something no other candidate has. I have had a seat at the table. It has allowed me to have direct connections with people in our state government and at the Federal level. The city charter gives the Mayor tremendous autonomy. We need a Mayor who the people trust. We need a Mayor who will use the authority of local government for the greater good to set us on the right course for our future.” She pointed to areas of focus which include:

  • Driving Framingham’s Economic Engine with an Innovation Economy
  • Preserving and Protecting our Assets and Resources
  • Education
  • Improved Operational Processes and Communications
  • Health and Safety

Spicer says she is knocking on doors – meeting with residents, community and business leaders, municipal employees and is focused on “making sure that everyone has a voice in our new government. I will include everyone. I’m running as “The People’s Mayor.”

The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus (MWPC) endorsed Yvonne Spicer and attended the event to speak in support of her for Mayor of Framingham.

For more information about Dr. Yvonne Spicer for Framingham Mayor, visit or @yvonnespicerformayor on Facebook. She can be reached at The campaign office is at 945 Concord St. The phone number is 508-834- 3177.

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By Updated July 24, 2017
Accessed July 27, 2017
Hundreds Attend Yvonne Spicer’s Campaign Kick Off For Mayor