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Yvonne Spicer is the only candidate with the executive leadership experience needed to be Framingham’s mayor. When she was appointed as the Director of Newton’s Tech-Voc program, the trade teachers, who were all men, had reservations about a Black woman leading the program. Yet, in a very short period of time she had their complete loyalty. How did she do that? First, she established trust, by being honest and transparent, by listening to people, by speaking from her head and her heart. They knew that when they asked her a question they might not always get the answer they wanted, but they would get the answer she believed in. She involved them in creating a vision for the department, built a budget to carry out that vision, and then implemented and executed the vision.

That is what a mayor does. She creates a team, develops a vision for the city by listening to the people of Framingham, creates goals to accomplish that vision, creates a plan of action working with the Council, and then executes it. She did that as Director of the Tech-Voc program, and does that in her role as Vice-President of the Museum of Science. Neither legislators nor selectmen have that experience.

Yvonne understands respect and what it means to respect people. Framingham is a very diverse community. Whether you live on the north or south side, are old or young, rich or poor, speak English or another language, are white or of color, handicapped or not, every individual deserves respect. That is who Yvonne is. That is the mayor she will be.

Yvonne is also inclusive. Framingham remains divided. We need a mayor who knows how to bring people together and Yvonne will do that. She is a spectacular listener. Yvonne’s only commitment is to do right for all the people of Framingham.

Yvonne has no special interests but the people of Framingham. She will be a strong, intelligent, independent voice for all the people of Framingham. That is why she is the People’s Mayor. That is why I am proud to support her.

Irwin Blumer
7 Ledgewood Rd.