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“I am pleased to wholeheartedly endorse Yvonne Spicer for mayor.”

Joining fellow Charter Commissioner Adam Blumer, I am pleased to wholeheartedly endorse Yvonne Spicer for mayor. On integrity alone, she is the candidate to support. But she offers so much more: transparency, truthfulness, grit, energy, passion, enthusiasm, inclusion, civility and achievement throughout her professional life. Her accomplishments forecast success in the new government.

The first mayor will set the bar for Framingham’s future. As the minority member of the Charter Commission, my perspective is that Spicer can bridge the division the charter process created in our community. Knowing Yvonne Spicer through Town Meeting and since she began her campaign, I recognize her approach as one of a positive attitude and a fresh break from politics as usual. In observing her, she talks TO us and not AT us. She exemplifies the charter’s big selling point of bringing new voices and new perspectives into our government.

Yvonne Spicer as mayor is the way to truly pay off the promise of the city charter. Spicer will bring her vast experience in education, business, finance, STEAM, engineering and technology TO Framingham municipal government. Given the strong mayor form of government, Yvonne is my hope for Framingham for succeeding in its debut as a city. I am confident that she will unite our community, respect and listen to citizens, preserve open space, promote and accomplish wise development, support our schools and the children who are our future, work with our small businesses, and support fiscal responsibility. She will lead with civility, compassion and thoughtfulness.

I urge you to cast your ballot for our first mayor for Yvonne Spicer.

Teri Banerjee
Charter Commissioner, Town Moderator

Framingham Patch
October 30, 2017
Original: LETTER: ‘Her Accomplishments Forecast Success In New Government’