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Letter: Kahn Supports Spicer for Mayor

The Boston Globe (October 13, 2017 ) discussed the Sox’s failure to give reasons for summarily firing manager John Farrell. Two sentences in the Globe suggest what Framingham voters might look at when making their choice for Mayor.

According to the Globe, the role of manager of the Boston Red Sox changed drastically “to mean something very different than it once did.” “The needs that Farrell once addressed weren’t necessarily the ones that the Sox now face.”

So may it be said for the new Framingham city government as it changes from the Board of Selectman and Town Manager team fielded some twenty (20) years back. That was when one of the two candidates benched himself and exited local government to join the Boston legislative clubhouse.

When our residents voted for change in April they recognized that Framingham in 2017 is not the Framingham of their grandfathers or even of their fathers (or mothers). Neighborhoods, local economies, financial abilities and demands, political aims and alliances throughout the community have changed.

To manage, survive and thrive in current times requires a fresh team on the field a team. Here some needs remain unchanged: management that can be relied upon to be candid, honest and committed to the tasks at hand.

Yvonne Spicer as our Mayor will demonstrate the ability to candidly assess existing talent, to openly recruit and deploy new players where needed and, most important, as proved in the preliminary election, to energize and inspire our community to truly make Framingham a great place to “work, play and live” for all.

John Kahn

Published by Framingham Source
October 19, 2017
Original article: Letter: Kahn Supports Spicer for Mayor