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Retired teacher endorses Yvonne Spicer for mayor of Framingham.

I am a retired elementary school teacher and principal. On Primary Day I was walking my neighborhood, knocking on doors, reminding people to vote and asking them to consider voting for Yvonne Spicer for mayor. While knocking on doors, I met many Yvonne supporters who spoke enthusiastically about why she would be a great leader for Framingham. The image of one particular interaction, however, stays with me all the time. A little boy came to the door, followed by a young man, his father. I said my pitch for Yvonne and the father said, “I was already at the polls voting for Dr. Spicer, and my wife is at the polls now.” There was a pause as the father looked at me and then said to me with very bright eyes, “She (Dr. Spicer) was my teacher!” The love and admiration for Yvonne expressed by this young man says so much about who Yvonne is and how she truly cares about others. It is refreshing to see how Yvonne passionately cares about the people whose lives she touches and our future together.

Yvonne has developed a campaign and governing platform (please see her website) that addresses many issues we face in Framingham. She understands Framingham’s people, its needs and its problems. Why? She listens, she asks questions, she studies, she cares. She reaches out to every part of the community. She IS warm and endearing. But she is also tough and decisive. She knows the challenges that lie ahead as our town transitions into a city. She is willing to take on the challenge. She knows “it takes a village” and she will develop teams to problem solve and develop implementation strategies. As mayor, she will keep caring about what is best for all of Framingham’s residents, listening, asking questions, studying and making decisions that move the community forward.

Yvonne Spicer is NOT political. She doesn’t make promises – EXCEPT FOR ONE. That promise is that she is committed to lead our community, striving for the best quality of life for all of our residents.

Alice Shull

Framingham Patch
Published October 26, 2017
Original letter: LETTER: ‘She Listens, She Asks Questions, She Studies, She Cares’