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I support Yvonne Spicer for mayor for her accomplishment, knowledge of Framingham, integrity and approach to leadership. Yvonne played a key role in helping transform one of the region’s most important cultural institutions into a national educational resource. It required a visionary style of leadership that engaged regional educators, business leaders, funders and the public. Through her service on the Ways and Means Committee and her roles in our public school system, she understands government and Framingham’s many issues. And through her campaign, she has demonstrated a commitment to listen and learn from others.

There’s a real contrast with her opponent. Some say the upcoming mayoral election is the most important event in Framingham’s history. It’s not. That distinction could go to the recent change in our Charter, replacing more than 300 years of participatory government with a highly centralized representative system.

Whatever one feels about the outcome, it’s clear that the Charter Commission’s work created division by rushing to a predetermined result. John Stefanini played a prominent role, yet he declined to reveal that he planned to run for mayor, even as he helped establish the salary and powers for the position he is now seeking. Given the importance of this recent event, I view this as his audition for mayor.

Going forward, we need vision, inclusiveness and transparency to make our new system of government work. Who do you trust to provide it?

Steve Greeley

Milford Daily News
October 31, 2017
Original: Letter: Spicer will bring vision, inclusiveness and transparency