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As someone who is young, active in the community, and has watched the first city election very closely, I wanted to express my support of Yvonne Spicer for Framingham Mayor.

The reason I support Yvonne extends far beyond my alignment with what she believes in or my opinion that she is qualified for the job.

It’s personal, too.

Helping with her campaign ignited my passion for local politics, made me fully realize the beauty of standing up for what I believe in, and that despite all odds, adversity, and attacks, you can be triumphant in making a difference in your community. I was asked to join a few campaigns, but Yvonne Spicer for Framingham Mayor was, simply put, different in such a special way: I truly believe in her and I admire her leadership and integrity.

If you’ve met her, you know that there is love for Framingham in her smile, brighter than anything you’ve seen before.

If you’ve shaken her hand, you know that there is unbelievable strength and resilience in her grip and in her story.

If you’ve heard her speak, you know that she can move you and motivate you until you’re desperate to knock on a hundred doors for her.

If you’ve worn her button, you know that her pride, support, and rallying cry heard around the soon-to-be city is contagious.

Her message has kept me active in the race from 500 miles away at George Washington University studying political science; Yvonne’s campaign, platform, and leadership have become personal to me.

Spending hours upon hours with her this summer, she has become an inspiration, a role model, an advocate, someone I trust, and someone I hope to see as my Mayor. She has offered the inspiration that I think we need in the upcoming generation.

As the recent graduating Framingham High School Class President, I’ve seen firsthand the passion and capability of Framingham’s future. Our schools’ best interest, and the interest of the whole Framingham community, is safest in her honest and experienced hands.

Jordan Ramsay