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Letter: Supporting Spicer For Mayor As Framingham Needs ‘New Blood’

I have been reading all the letters in support of John Stefanini, all interesting with some nice unknown information about him, as well as known, but I do not feel he is our best person for the job. Someone wrote about mailing from his opponents campaign being slander and though I didn’t think the mailing was necessary it was sadly not slander. It was and is a fact and a tough one to get past.

I have done much research and given a lot of thought to our choices. It is my feeling that we need a new type of person one that is not a politician but can reach across aisles to unite people, is up to a big challenge and will tackle the tough issues that we will be faced with.

I am supporting Yvonne Spicer because I feel we need new blood.

We need a highly-motivated business person who has no political baggage, owes no one political favors for their support past or present. Ms. Spicer will work hard for what is best for our new city and everyone of us who live here. She will build bridges and will listen to the people of Framingham. I strongly feel Yvonne Spicer brings a lot of experience, exuberance, knowledge, commitment and would be our best choice for our first Mayor.

Honesty and transparency is an important part of any office/job and from what I know and have read of Ms. Spicer she is all of that and then some. I do not vote based on party, race or gender. I vote for who I think will be able to work with anyone, do a great job and giving it their all. Yvonne Spicer is the person to fit the bill for the first Mayor of Framingham.

Donna Schaefer