Glenda Cohen

As a longterm Framingham Public Schools teacher, I have been concerned in recent years that too much of the school budget went into administration and not enough went to student services. During Mayor Spicer’s first term, education spending has increased by $19.4 million. She has been a strong advocate for the teachers and students and she holds the administration accountable for directing money to the classroom. -Glenda Cohen, Parent and retired Framingham Public Schools teacher

I have been an environmental activist in Framingham for many years. Since mayor Spicer was elected serious steps have been made to address dangerous environmental neglect of years prior and to make our community safe and green for future generations. Mayor Spicer has a strong commitment to sustainability for our children and future generations. -Larry Stoodt, Framingham Environmental Activist

Larry Stoodt
Scott Edmond

Mayor Spicer is genuinely dedicated to making Framingham an inclusive city that works for everyone. She doesn’t just say it, she prioritizes it – and that’s critical for the future of Framingham. -Scott Edmond, Marine Corps, Veteran, Husband, Father

I was the Chief Financial Officer for 16 years until I recently retired. I worked side by side with Mayor Spicer. Every Framingham voter should know that she can be trusted to always do what’s above board and to manage the city’s finances and operations with integrity. I know Mayor Spicer makes financial decisions that benefit all of Framingham, not just some of Framingham. Framingham is in great financial shape with excellent services, dedicated employees, and high ratings from Moody’s. Yvonne Spicer is focused on balancing all of these priorities with full transparency. -Mary Ellen Kelley, Former Framingham Chief Financial Officer

Mary Ellen Kelley