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A s a resident since 1985 and a leader that has spent a 30+ year career building bridges between multiple constituencies, I have stepped up as a candidate for mayor of Framingham. Our community is at a critical junction. We have healing to do, challenges to overcome and strategic plans to develop and implement. I will bring strong professional, operational and interpersonal skills to the position that have been honed over the years through my leadership in education, civic, and community endeavors at the local, state and national levels. I have a broad perspective about the factors that impact the growth and vibrancy of a community and its economic opportunities.

I plan to tackle unresolved issues with innovative solutions. I want to engage the community in our future direction by bringing people into the process to develop a transparent, comprehensive strategic plan with measurable goals. Under my leadership. I want our new city to be fiscally smart and sound so that generations can continue to thrive in Framingham. Charting a new course for Framingham while building upon its strengths is an exciting endeavor.

Voters chose to adopt a smaller form of governance, however that doesn’t mean the voices of the greater community are not welcomed or won’t be heard. One of my greatest strengths is being able to find common ground and build consensus. I am confident and inspired by an opportunity to lead this great community into the next decade and beyond.

-Yvonne Spicer