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October 23, 2017

Yvonne Spicer Files Early Pre-Election Campaign Finance Report – Shows Strong, Growing Support from Framingham Residents

The campaign to elect Yvonne Spicer to be Framingham’s first Mayor has picked up 51% of its funding in the past six weeks as seen on the report submitted today to the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF). The report shows that in the past six weeks since September 9th the campaign raised $34,391 as compared to raising the initial $33,419 in the first 14 weeks of this 20-week campaign. A total of $67,810 has been raised since June with 72% of the total funds in the past six weeks coming from Framingham residents, a 13% increase.

Spicer said, “Once again I have released my report a week before the deadline to provide an early look at my campaign data. This is in keeping with my commitment to be a Mayor who models transparency. I want my constituents to know that is how I’ll run the new City of Framingham.”

Spicer said “winning 54% of the votes in a seven-way race on September 26, 2017 was a huge victory in the preliminary election. Seeing the continued growth in support from Framingham residents is inspiring. It motivates me and my team to make this happen for them. We’re not taking anything for granted. Campaigning and fundraising efforts continue. We plan to make the most of every contribution and win this election November 7th to ensure the best possible future for Framingham. The funding is critical and I’m grateful to the Framingham voters for showing such strong support,” she said. “I am extremely proud of this grassroots effort.

Of the total contributions, 65% were made by women. Spicer is endorsed by Emily’s List, the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus and Maria’s List.

In addition to the financial contributions, Spicer remarked, “I am supported by a dedicated group of volunteers. Many have never been involved in local politics before. They want to see new faces in government and leadership they can trust. I am grateful to them for their interest, dedication and their support.”

This filing of the Campaign Finance Report reflects all income and expenses for the six-week period of September 9, 2017 through October 20, 2017. It must be submitted by all Mayoral candidates by October 30, 2017. Reports are available at