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Framingham Mayoral Candidate Yvonne Spicer announced today that Dr. Irwin Blumer and Erica Mash have joined her campaign team as Co-Chairs for the final stretch leading up to the general election on November 7, 2017.

“Irwin Blumer and Erica Mash know me well and they have also have earned tremendous respect in the community for all they have contributed to Framingham for many years. Having them on the leadership team to support me and serve on my campaign is a great honor,” Spicer said. “Irwin and Erica will help lead community connection efforts during these next four weeks as we build on the tremendous momentum from a historic win in the September 26th preliminary election.”

Dr. Irwin Blumer is often referred to as “Mr. Debby.” He was married for 46 years to the late State Representative Deborah Blumer, and has been involved in the community since he came to Framingham in 1966. Dr. Blumer says he is “honored and humbled to be a point person for Yvonne’s campaign. This is such an important election. Yvonne is a very bright, effective leader. She’s a people person guided by integrity and she is an excellent listener. She incorporates diverse opinions in her decisions and is transparent about her thought process. Framingham is an important place – very different than the suburbs around us. I can see Yvonne energizing the entire city, bringing people together, making the most of all we have in this community, and successfully setting the stage for the future. I believe Yvonne will be the trusted leader Framingham needs to help realize our community’s potential. She will truly be The People’s Mayor.”

Erica Mash said “I first met Yvonne years ago working at Framingham High School. When I heard of her from colleagues she was highly regarded for the quality of her work and her strong connections with students and their families. When I got to know her, I could see she was the ‘real deal,’ an honest, genuine human being and an experienced leader with a proven track record.” Mash makes a point of saying that “Yvonne Spicer cares about people and solutions, not politics. I believe Yvonne is the Mayor we need to bring us through this transition to a city and to accomplish the beginning of real socio-economic betterment. I look forward to serving in this leadership role on the campaign. This is an important vote on November 7th. Our future is at stake and we have to get it right. I’ll be giving my all to make that happen.”

Erica Mash is a 30-year resident of Framingham. She and her husband raised their two daughters in Framingham. Erica’s career included work in the Framingham Public Schools and working as a Columnist for the Middlesex Daily News. She volunteered for many years as a PTO President and Town Meeting Member. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Windham College in VT and her Master’s degree from Upsala College in NJ. She resides in Framingham with her husband David who recently retired from Berklee College of Music.

Dr. Irwin Blumer is a retired, 50-year resident of Framingham. He and his late wife – State Representative Deborah Blumer raised their three children in Framingham. Irwin Blumer was a teacher, principal, assistant principal and superintendent of schools, and then taught aspiring principals and superintendents at the Graduate School of Education at Boston College.